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Recurring Deposit (RD)

Recurring Deposit (RD) account lets member’s deposit a fixed installment every month on which they earn a cumulative return (Yearly Compounding) on maturity. UniTrust Nidhi Limited provides Recurring Deposit (RD) interest rates depending on the tenure of the Recurring Deposit (RD).

For investment of ₹ 500 per month:

12 Months9.50%
24 Months9.75%
36 Months10.00%
48 Months10.25%
60 Months10.50%

Avail Great Recurring Deposit (RD) Interest Rates

UniTrust Nidhi Limited offers Recurring Deposit (RD) schemes to our members so that they can save regularly. RD scheme works best for everyone, especially for the our members who are youngsters and regular salaried people as they can cultivate the habit of regular saving. In RD, you have to deposit a fixed amount on a monthly basis for the chosen tenure and at the end of your tenure, you earn a cumulative return (yearly compounding). In RD, you can make a minimum investment of Rs. 500 and after that, in multiples of Rs. 100. At UniTrust Nidhi Limited, we offer higher RD interest rates. We also allow you to premature your Recurring Deposit as well as to avail the loan (T&C applicable) on the same. Our RD scheme provides you with zero risk and high returns. So open an RD today!

Tenure: The minimum term required for our Recurring Deposit scheme is 1 year and maximum 5 years.

Mode of Payment :

All payments to the Company shall be made either in cash or by cheque/draft against the receipt countersigned by its authorized signatory payments by any mode or media other than mentioned above shall be at the member account holder’s own risk. The cheque/draft shall be credited in the name of member account holder subject to clearance by the bank. Out Station cheques shall not be accepted.

Issue of Passbook :

A passbook will be issued to every member account holder. The member account holder shall get the pass book updated at regular intervals. If any discrepancy or difference in the amount is found between the entries made in the passbook and receipts duly countersigned by the authorized signatory of the branch office bearing seal, payments shall be made on the basis of receipts only.

Terms and Conditions :

  1. It is Mandatory to be a Member in the Company.
  2. Company will issue One Share(of Rs. 100/- each) for Fixed Deposit plan.
  3. Interest will be calculated on yearly basis.
  4. Recurring Deposit minimum amount is Rs. 100/-, thereafter in multiples of Rs. 100/-.
  5. If 1 month after paying last installment or maturity amount due date whichever is more will be applicable for payment of maturity amount.
  6. Irregular deposits are not entitled for pre-mature payment and loan facility against it.
  7. On irregular deposits account, all outstanding installment are to be paid first to make the account regular on day to day basis. In case, if a single default in payment of Installment, the said account will be treated as irregular.
  8. Lapse on payment of installment amount will be make the defaulter pay Rs. 2 per 100 (Rs. 20 per 1000) with installment amount
  9. After maturity date, payment on irregular account will be made after deducting the penalty amount which will be maximum to the amount of interest earned on such account. No deductions will be made on Principle amount of such account.
  10. Fixed Deposit will not be premature within first 3 month. In case if Fixed Deposit is matured after 3 months and before 6 months than NO interest will be paid to the Fixed Deposit account holder.
  11. If any person/depositor pre-mature its F.D/R.D. after 6 months and before actual maturity term than they will be entitle for only the interest of Saving Account on their deposited amount.
  12. TDS will be deducted on the interest of Deposited amount, paid by the UniTrust Nidhi Limited as per provisions and Income Tax Act.
  13. In case of death of a Depositor/account holder, the Company will pay the funds with interest to his/her Nominee or Beneficiary at which it was accepted.
  14. No Pre mature closure or foreclosure facility available
  15. Nomination compulsory in case nominee is minor appointee required with KYC
  16. R D can be opened only for an individual no joint facility available.
  17. Minor cannot open RD
  18. All interest payments are entitled for TDS deduction as per Government instruction
  19. Maturity will be paid through A/C Payee cheque only
  20. In case of any legal disputes with UniTrust Nidhi Limited. Ahmedabad Jurisdiction will be applicable.

Disclaimer: All the products and services of the Nidhi are exclusively available for members of
UniTrust Nidhi Ltd.only.

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